This post is all about high school graduation gifts for boys that they will actually approve of.

Whether you are buying gifts for your boyfriend, brother, son, or grandson, you KNOW how hard it is to pick out something they'll like.
Cash is always a good option but it is always nice to give a thoughtful gift. Here at a ton of super good gifts to give boys that they will actually use!
...and don't worry, these have all been approved by high school guys ;).
This post is all about high school graduation gifts for boys.
Best High School Graduation Gifts For Boys: 1. Monogrammed Wallet A wallet is a go-to gift for guys. Chances are they have been using the same one for a while and are in need of a new one!
To take it one step further add an embossed monogram on it. This will make it super special and unique. 
2. Brita Water Filter Pitcher Britas not only make tap water clean and drinkable, but will also save so much money on water bottles.. and saving money in college is ALWAYS a good thing.
3. North Face Back Pack Almost every single college student has one of these backpacks. They are super durable and will most definitely last him all 4 years of college.
4. Waterproof Speaker A speaker is always a great gift to give a boy if you want to make sure it gets used. Guys constantly have music playing and this speaker is waterproof so they can take it to the pool, beach, or shower!
This specific speaker has really good sound quality and is a lot less expensive than many other speakers.
5. AirPods Pros or Airpods I have a pair of AirPods and my guy friends ALWAYS ask to borrow them when going to the gym. Students constantly wear these going to class and working out. They are a little more pricey but are totally worth it.
6. Tool Kit A tool kit is a staple every guy needs. You would be surprised how much this would come in handy when moving into your dorm.
They can keep this gift for many years and will help them with moving into their apartment and future house!
7. Wireless Mouse Sometimes doing homework on a laptop track pad can be really hard. This wireless mouse allows you to use a mouse with your laptop without any extra wires. 
My boyfriend has one of these for his laptop and uses it every time!
8. Leather Key Fob A personalized key fob is a super sweet and unique high school graduation gift. There are tons you can buy with almost any college on it.
9. Belt Really any nice belt will do but when I asked one of my guy friends he said he would have loved to receive a belt with his college on it for graduation. This would be a perfect addition to his game day outfit!
10. LED Lights LED lights are every guy's favorite way to decorate. I promise if you don't buy these for him, he will buy them on his own. 
{RELATED POST: Best Graduation Gifts | 42 Genius Graduation Gifts That Will Actually Be Used} 11. Travel Toiletry Bag Click Here To Buy From Etsy Usually guys have their toiletry items just laying around... This travel toiletry bag would be perfect to help them keep everything in one place and will definitely come in handy when traveling back home. 
12. Travel Bag Click Here To Buy From Etsy One of the best parts of graduating high school is traveling! Wether he is planning to take a year to travel or traveling for breaks, he will for sure need a bag to travel with.
This one from Etsy is really nice and you can customize it with his initials!
13. Tile Key Tracker One thing all college students are good at is losing things. This little square will make sure you can find anything! It attaches to your keys and allows you to track it straight from your phone. It's pretty much a "Find My Friends" app for your keys.
14. Portable Safe Dorms and college apartments usually don't have any type of safes in them. If he usually has cash or any expensive items he will probably want to store them in a safe place.
This safe is perfect for cash or small expensive items and can easily be kept in his room or car.
15. License Plate Name Sign Click Here To Buy From Etsy This is such an original and fun high school graduation gifts for boys to use to decorate their dorm room. This is super personal and honestly just looks so cool. I want one for myself!
16. Personalized Bottle Opener If we're being honest, he will for sure need a bottle opener in his college experience...
17. Annual Amazon Prime Membership Did you know you could actually gift an Amazon Prime membership?! This will prove to be super useful and save so much money for your soon to be student in college. Guys are always ordering off Amazon and this will be sure to be a gift that keeps on giving!
18. Yeti Take it from me, these things keep your drinks cold for SO long. On game days it gets SO hot and if he's planning to tailgate it can keep his drink cold all day long. I always take mine to the pool and beach too.
19. Phone Chargers You can never have enough phone chargers! This pack comes three long cables which come in handy when a charging port is far from your bed! 
20. Shower Shoes/Slides If he is living in a dorm with community bathrooms he will for sure want some shoes to wear in the shower. Even if he doesn't, he will use these to slip on to take out the trash, go to the pool, or honestly just going to class.
21. Rain Coat A rain jacket is a perfect high school graduation gift for any boy. If your soon to be college student is going anywhere that rains frequently, this will be used a TON. This is a go-to clothing item you really can't go wrong buying for a boy.
22. Single Cup Coffee Maker Graduating high school and going to college means early mornings and late nights. Coffee will be his best friend. This will save him tons of money on going out to buy coffee and is a super thoughtful gift for him! 
{RELATED POST: 29 Best High School Graduation Gifts of 2020} 23. Lululemon Sweatpants Okay, so Lululemon is a little on the pricey side... BUT they are seriously the most comfortable sweatpants you can buy and are so durable they will last him forever. One or two pairs is really all he will need (let's be honest guys re-wear their clothes all the time). He will definitely appreciate this graduation gift.
If you don't want to spend a ton of money on clothing for him there are also tons of other sweatpants options that work as well! In general, sweatpants are a great gift.
24. Baseball Caps I know for all my guy friends, hats are their best friend. Waking up without time to shower in college is common and a good baseball cap can save his bad hair day. Get him a few baseball caps for those days and he definitely will use them.
25. Beer Cap Map  Click Here To Buy From Etsy This is not only a super original high school graduation gift for boys, but also a great item they can use for their dorm/apartment decor. Guys are usually lacking in their ability to decorate rooms and this would be a fun and unique addition to their room.
You can also get this gift personalized with their name or graduation date to make it even more special.
26. Digital Coin Bank I personally know so many people that have coins scattered everywhere and end up losing money. Coins can really add up and money is one thing any graduate will need!
This not only keeps all his coins in one place but also counts it for him too! You can buy this on Amazon for under $20!
27. A Nice Watch Click Here To Buy From MVMT You can seriously never go wrong with a nice watch! There are tons of super nice watches for around $100 or less. He will be sure to wear this for fancy date parties and occasions in college.
28. Sunglasses Of course RayBan sunglasses are the go-to brand for sunglasses. But, if you're trying to stay more on a budget, there a tons of knock offs and cheap pairs online too... Because let's be honest, he will probably lose them. 
29. Nightstand Organizer Here is a gift his roommate will probably love too! This will help keep him just a little more organized and able to keep essentials all in one place by his bed. 
30. Laptop Of course a laptop is more on the expensive side but it is 100% something he will use and NEED in college. You can also buy refurbished laptops that look brand new for a ton less than a new laptop!
31. Heated Car Blanket I think this is such a cool high school graduation gift for boys! If he plans on camping or traveling at all this is a super cool item to bring. Honestly keeping one of these in your car for a cold day is such a great idea.
{RELATED POST:​ 55+ Graduation Gift Ideas College Students Will Actually Use} 32. White Running Shoes Every single guy I know either wants a pair of these shoes or needs a new pair since white shoes get dirty fast. You can never have too many pairs of shoes and having a nice clean pair to go into college with will make him so happy!
33. 3 In 1 Charging Pad For Apple Products If he's a big apple user, this is the gift for him. This charging pad can easily sit on his desk to charge his phone, watch, and AirPods all at the same time! Super convenient when you need all your devices charged at once.
34. 2 In 1 Lights And Speaker This gift doubles as a speaker and color changing lights! Perfect for his bedside table!
35. Fraternity Flag A flag is a guy's go-to decoration and if it has his fraternity on it he will definitely love it. If he isn't planning on going greek, there are plenty more cool flags for guys he will be sure to love too!
36. Cooler A cooler is a perfect gift to give a boy! This will come in handy especially during the warm summer months when going to the pool.
37. Snack Basket If there's one thing guys can't get enough of, it's food. A snack basket is a super simple and easy gift guys will be sure to enjoy. You can order this basket off of Amazon so you don't even have to go out and buy food from the store! 
38. Wireless Printer One of the worst things is waking up and realizing you forgot to print a paper before class. Trust me, I've been there.
Having a wireless printer in your room is so helpful and will save your butt last minute. This one from Amazon is only $60 and will definitely be appreciated down the road.
39. Eno If your graduate is a big outdoors person, this gift will be right up his alley. Enos are such a great way to spend a nice day outside. I have seen so many college students relaxing on these on a sunny day. 
These also come in super handy for camping! 
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