These are Martha Stewarts top tips for organizing your home

These are Martha Stewart's top tips for organizing your home— Recommendations are independently chosen by Revieweds editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

If there's one person we trust when it comes to all things home and organization, it's Martha Stewart. And just in time for the new year, the domestic goddess is sharing her best advice for cleaning up your houseand your lifeonce and for all. In an interview with the Today Show, Martha revealed her top four tips for getting organized in 2020, from tackling the clutter in your kitchen drawers to managing your busy schedule. Here's what she suggests, along with our own experts' recommendations and favorite products.

1. Use drawer dividers in your kitchen.

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Everything should have its proper place in a drawer.

Confession: Martha would be appalled if she opened the drawers in my kitchen. Most of them are a mess of assorted silverware, serving spoons, measuring cups, and spatulas (with the occasional knife mixed in, yikes). To tame that mess, she says she likes to use drawer dividers or cutlery trays. One of our experts' favorites is this expandable organizer, which is durableshe's been using hers for over two years!and can be adjusted to fit any size silverware.

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2. Keep counters clutter-free with jars.

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Take it a step further by labeling your jars.

Martha's kitchen is her kingdom, so it makes sense that she likes to keep it clean and clear. One way she does that? By organizing her countertop items in glass jars that are both practical and presentable. Our kitchen and cooking editor, Valerie Li, does the sameand she also stores her spices in a bamboo spice rack that looks stylish and also makes it easy for her to find what she needs when she's cooking.

Valerie also says that what's under the counter is just as important as what's on it. She swears by this expandable under-the-sink organizer for storing dishwashing and cleaning supplies, along with other miscellaneous kitchen products.

3. Organize your home office with folders and baskets.

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Your desk, organized.

It's hard to be productive when your desk is a mess. That's why Martha encourages you to file away those piles of papers into categorized folders or baskets before you get to work. One of our editors who works from home likes these fabric magazine files from Target the best because they're both space-saving and sturdy. Not only does she keep important work documents in them, she also uses one for bills to pay and another for receipts and home improvement papers.

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4. Stay on top of everything with a planner.

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Pro tip: Write everything (and we mean everything) down.

Between work meetings, doctor's appointments, and your kids' extracurriculars, you have a lot going on in your week. So a well-organized planner is necessary to maintain your sanity, Martha says. We recommend the Panda Daily Planner, which has nearly 6,000 glowing reviews on Amazon for good reason. It's broken up into three sections (daily, weekly, and monthly) with space to keep track of everything from your to-do lists to your goals.

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