Teaching kids to keep their room tidy is never an easy task for parent

s. You will find below tips on how to help kids keep their room clean.

Children typically learn things by example from watching what their parents do and then they mimic them. Therefore, if the parents are messy, then typically the kids will be messy as well. It usually takes several weeks of doing the same thing over and over again to make it into a normal habit.

Tips To Keep Kids Room Clean and Tidy

1. Take Time To Clean The Room Before Bedtime

It never hurts to check a child’s room at night just before bedtime, and if it is messy make them clean it and pick up their toys before they go to sleep. Having a certain amount of time allotted for cleaning just before bed ensures that the room will be clean in the morning. Starting out the morning with a clean room encourages the child to continue to keep it clean the rest of the day.

2. Cleaning The Kids Room

The first step in cleaning the child’s room is to get everything in the room organized, especially toys, with their own special place to put them away. Getting the kids involved in cleaning and organizing is highly recommended. If the kids have to help, then they will know what you expect them to do when it comes time to clean the room and where everything goes. When you sort things to put them away, you have to keep in mind the amount of space that is available and then get rid of the items that do not fit or they no longer need. This is a way to ensure that the room is nice and neat instead of cluttered all the time.

3. Closet Organizer

If you do not have enough storage capacity, then you might want to consider installing a closet organizer. There are some that come with a combination of shelves, drawers, and hanging space which will help you to maximize your closet giving you lots of places put things. If you still don’t have enough storage, then you may want to consider adding additional shelves above the bed or dresser. It’s a simple job that even most amateurs can do by themselves for a relatively cheap amount of money.

4. Buying Furniture

If your kids have small rooms, you may want to consider buying a bed with drawers under it, or a loft bed with a dresser and desk combination to maximize space. Tall dressers typically work better than long dressers when the amount of space is limited. A pet net does not take up much space, but it will provide lots of room for stuffed animals which take up a lot of room otherwise.

5. Labelling

If you label the space for each item then your child will learn where to put each of the things away when they are done with them. When they put things in the same place each time it makes putting them away quicker and easier. When each item has a specific place it eliminates the urge to throw everything in the floor, while they hunt for that special item because now they know where to find it.

6. Limit Amount Of Things In The Bedroom

After the bedroom has been organized and labeled, you may want to limit the amount of new things that the kids can bring into their rooms. If the child gets three new pairs of jeans for Christmas, then you may want to have them get rid of three old pairs of pants. This way they have the same amount of pants because they are just replacing the old worn out ones. This rule keeps them from acquiring too many things for the amount of storage room they have. The same thing could go for toys, but it is up to the parents to enforce such a policy. If the rules are not enforced regularly, then it is back to square one all over again.

When these tips are followed then the kids rooms will remain clean, tidy, neat, and orderly all of the time and will be simple to clean if it does get messed up.

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