submitted by Bernard Capulong It makes sense for good EDC gear...

submitted by Bernard Capulong

It makes sense for good EDC gear to live in your pockets when youre out and about. But when you need it all within arms reach, like at home or at your desk, thats when things can get messy. Leave it to the creative carry experts at Orbitkey to come up with an all-in-one solution for organizing, transporting, and even charging your tech and EDC gear wherever life takes you. Like any EDC-worthy piece of kit, the Nest is multi-functional inside and out. It serves as a hardshell carrying case to protect your electronics on the go, complete with modular interior organization and a built-in travel wallet section to boot. When youre not out and about, you can set up the Nest as a desktop valet tray for your essentials that doubles as a wireless charging station. When its time to take your essentials out of your pockets and set up your mobile office for the day, youll want your EDC to flock to the Orbitkey Nest as its home away from home.

Several key features make the Orbitkey Nest stand out from othertravel organizers. For starters, its useful without even needing to open it up thanks to its valet tray lid. An embedded wireless Qi charger on one side of the lid makes it easy to keep your phone, AirPods, and other tech topped up while working at your desk. It uses an included high-quality braided USB-C cable to get the job done while keeping your desk uncluttered from unnecessary charging cables. Next to the embedded charger, you have a valet tray section roomy enough for the rest of your essentials, like a slim wallet, keys, and pocket knife, for example. The luxe leather lid is gentle on your gear and helps prevent scratches on your desk while saving space and minimizing clutter, keeping your work environment tidy and efficient.

While the lid alone is impressive enough, the Nests interior offers even more utility for your tech EDC. You can access the inside of the Nest by lifting the lid on a hinge or detaching it entirely via a unique shock-cord lock system. The cord wraps across the top of the lid to keep it closed, but can be pulled back and out of the way to grant access to the interior. Inside, a soft fabric interior lines the bottom cavity to gently store and protect your gear. The Nest includes six Velcro-bottomed dividers that stick to the interior fabric, letting you dial in a totally custom-fit organizational layout for your essentials. You can pick and choose how many dividers to use and position them as needed to suit your needs, which is especially useful if you tend to change up your kit often.

Even the underside of the lid offers additional storage and organization for your travel essentials. Multiple slots and pockets of various sizes accommodate slim travel and tech items like SD cards, Field Notes, a passport, credit cards, a spare house key, and much more. The Nests hardshell enclosure makes it especially capable as a tech travel organizer as it offers a bit of shock- and crush-resistance for your fragile electronics inside your bag, too. You can get your own Orbitkey Nest in your choice of Black or Ash grey from Orbitkeys fully funded Kickstarter campaign at the link below.

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