Smart Buy: A Carry-Anywhere Box for Office Supplies

The little kid in me who loves nothing more than shopping for school supplies is super-excited about this neat product from Present & Correct. (Margot, thank you for the tip!) Its Carry All Folder essentially makes it possible to turn any surface—be it a dining table or kitchen counter—into a desk.

Just gather your office essentials (pens, erasers, notepads, and more), organize them inside the case’s multiple bins, close it up, and take it wherever you’ll be most productive for the day. Who needs a desk anyway?

Above: Present & Correct’s Carry All Folder, closed, measures 12.2 by 9.5  by 2.4 inches and comes in two colors; £30. Above: The Carry All Folder is made of thick cardboard and can be positioned upright. Above: Or it can lay flat if you prefer. Here’s more home office inspiration:

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