Oversize Business Plan Desk Mat Paper Organizer

Vendor: MaviGadget

Durable Desk Mat

Solid color PU office home computer large table mat
The back of the table mat is anti-skid, and the transparent PVC cover protects the inner paper
The three pockets on the left side can hold photos, important business cards, etc.

The top right side is the perpetual calendar, and the mezzanine bag can hold the trip schedule, etc. 
Two A4 sheets can be laid flat in the middle. You can put the plan of the day in it

Mobile perpetual calendar

The middle part can store calendar, bills, etc., up to two pieces of A4 paper

Can store the size of 9.5x5.5cm cards, such as business cards, membership card, bank card

Can store 15 x 31cm photos

Product size: 70 x 32cm
Product color: black, gray, brown, blue
Product material: PU + PVC