Moving into your college apartment? Here is absolutely everything you need to know.

Moving into a college apartment is intimidating. I get it. But, I am here to ease the tension a bit! When I was getting ready to move into my college apartment sophomore year I was stressed AF. I was trying to plan for months in advance what to pack, how to design, what essentials I would need, and pretty much anything else I could think of so that my first college apartment would be perfect.

I will give you a little piece of advice I learned the hard way... your first college apartment is not going to be perfect. I wanted my college apartment to look exactly like my dream home but news flash, my college student budget was not big enough for that. Fortunately, I learned you can still design and make your college apartment feel at home even on a budget. 

After lots of trial and error, and experience living in a college apartment, I am here to guide you through everything you need to know, buy, and ideas to decorate your college apartment!
Here are all the items you need before moving into college (obviously including a few of my faves). If you want even more help, you can check out my college apartment packing list post for all my specific recommendations on what exact products, essentials, decor, and furniture I recommend buying for your college apartment. 
1. Bedroom Mattress Pad (best one out there) Mattress Protector Sheets Pillow Cases Duvet/Comforter Throw Blanket Throw Pillows Fan {RELATED POST: 27 College Apartment Must-Haves You Need To Buy Before Moving In} WANT A FREE Apartment PACKING LIST? Simplify your apartment move with our amazing FREE Apartment Packing List. Simply click the button below to get your Apartment Packing List delivered straight to your inbox!
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE! 2. Bathroom Bath Towels Hand Towels Wash Cloths Bath Mats Curtain Rod Shower Liner Shower Curtain Towel Wrap Shower Organizer (super cute gold one!!) Makeup Organizer Makeup Mirror  Hair Wrap  Basket for Hair Products Toilet Brush Plunger Trash Can Shampoo and Conditioner Makeup Remover  Shaving Cream Razor  Loofah  Lotion  Hairspray  Cotton Balls  Toothbrush  Toothpaste Retainer Tweezers  Deodorant  Tissues Sunscreen  Tampons & Pads  Nail Polish Remover  Nail Polish  Makeup  Makeup Brushes Perfume  Hair Dryer  Straightener  Curling Iron  Face Wash {RELATED POST: 21 College Apartment Bathroom Ideas That Prove You Can Make Bathrooms Look Good} 3. Kitchen
For all my favorite kitchen decor items and ideas I have been loving recently, check out my post on Kitchen Apartment Ideas That Will Make You Want To Cook 24/7. 
Pots + Pans Plates Bowls Cups Mugs Wine Glasses Forks, Knives, Spoons Measuring Cups Cutting Knives Spatula Whisk Large Spoon Grater Ice Cream Scoop Tongs Pizza Cutter Oven Mits Cutting Mats Mixing Bowls Spices Keurig Toaster (great price!!) Microwave Blender Ziploc Bags Tupperware Tin Foil Baking Sheet Pan Cupcake Tin Pan Plastic Wrap Trash Can Paper Towel Holder Placemats 4. Laundry Laundry Basket Organizing Baskets Laundry Soap Dryer Sheets Stain Remover Fabric Softener Bleach Tide Pen Safety Pins Thread and Needle
{RELATED POST: College Apartment Furniture | 25 Really Cheap And Cute Apartment Furniture } 6. Furniture Bed Frame Night Stand Side Tables Desk Desk Chair Coffee Table Dining Table or Bar Stools Sofa Additional Seating
7. Electronics Computer Computer Charger Watches Watch Chargers Extension Cords Calculator & Charger  Sound Machine  10ft Phone Chargers USB Drive Printer and Ink {RELATED POST: 23 College Bedroom Ideas We Can't Stop Thinking About} 8. Decor Rugs Lamps Picture Frames Plants Candles Couch Covers  (If not fully furnished and you want to change the look of your couch) Throw Blankets Throw Pillows Curtains Curtain Rods Wall Decor 9. Clothing Bras / Sports Bras  Underwear Tank Tops  Shirts  Sweaters  Sweatshirts  Jean Jacket Cardigans  Jeans  Leggings  Joggers  Socks  Dresses  Tennis Shoes  Sandals  Heels Boots  Rain Jacket Scarves  Light Jackets  Winter Jackets  Jewelry  Hats  Swimsuits Pajamas 10. Medicine First Aid Kit  Ibuprofen  Allergy Medicine  Tums  Cold & Flu Medicine  Emergen-C Cough Drops 11. Storage Baskets Drawer Organizers Makeup Organizer Under the Bed Storage Velvet Hangers Space Saving Hangers Shoe Organizer
Vacuum Seal Bags {RELATED POST: 17 Genius Ways To Create Under The Bed Storage} 12. Misc Printer Candles/Air Freshener Batteries Tool Kit Bed Tray Over the Door Mirror Umbrella COLLEGE APARTMENT TIPS: 1. Split Costs With Your Roommates Moving into a college apartment can be priceyyyy especially if it is your first one. You have to buy all your kitchen supplies, furniture, decor, cleaning, etc. The best way to cut down the cost is to split everything with your roommates. If you have 4 people living in your apartment, split big expenses into 4 equal parts. For the smaller stuff, you can assign who will buy what to make sure you all have what you need but also ensuring not only one person is paying the entire cost.
Doing this will also make sure items aren’t bought more than once!
2. Pick A Day Once A Week To Clean I know college life can get busy but I can promise you that cleaning your apartment just once a week can be a total game changer for your mood and motivation. I always feel more productive when I have a clean space so I try to clean my entire apartment once a week.
I personally love cleaning on Sundays so that I start the week fresh and motivated. But, if Sunday's are your day to relax, pick another time out of the week. I promise you will be so happy you did this!
(We will get into what cleaning products to buy later on in this post )
3. Make Sure To Know What Utilities Are/Are Not Included In Your Rent As a first time apartment renter, I honestly had no idea what utilities meant or even to ask if they were included in my rent. I quickly learned to ask this after what I thought would be a $780 rent payment turned out to be a $820 rent payment at the end of the month.
Make sure to ask your landlord/complex what utilities are included in your rent before signing! If you know everything is included except electricity, you know to be more cautious about leaving lights on. If water isn't included, maybe take shorter showers to turn off sinks when you aren't using them. This may seem like a small thing now but knowing what utilities are variable costs to you and being aware of how much you use can end up saving you a lot of money.
4. Ask If Your Apartment Comes Furnished This is another huge factor to consider before moving into your college apartment. Make sure you ask if it comes furnished or not!
Luckily, sophomore year my apartment did and it ended up saving me a ton of money. But, the downside to moving into an apartment that comes furnished is that you are pretty much stuck with what you've got. There are ups and downs to fully furnished apartments but just make sure you are aware of what you are getting before moving in.
5. Use Blackout Curtains In Your Bedroom I cannot recommend blackout curtains enough. My first college apartment bedroom had two huge windows and I soon learned blackout curtains were essential. 
Blackout curtains will not only keep your room nice and dark while you sleep, but will also keep your room from heating up from the sun in the warmer months!
6. Bring A Sound Machine One of the most annoying things about my college apartment was how thin the walls were. I could hear everyone talking outside my window and every step my upstairs neighbors took. Buy a sound machine to block out noise and keep it on while you sleep!
If the noise of a sound machine bothers you, you can also buy a huge pack of disposable ear plugs from Amazon.
7. Split Up Chores And Assign Them Among You And Your Roommates Chores are another thing you should definitely split up among you and your roommates. It totally sucks to be the person always cleaning the place up or always doing that one specific chore no one else will do.
At the beginning of the year, split up chores among you and your roommates to make sure everyone is doing their part. This will make your year run much smoother and avoid fights and awkward conversations.
8. Check Facebook Market Place Facebook Marketplace is the holy grail for college students moving into their first apartment. Most students don't have the money to spend on brand new furniture and decor so FB is an amazing option. I always find amazing deals on Facebook Marketplace and sometimes even find brand new furniture at half the cost just because people don't want to return the items. Definitely check out FB before running to a name brand store for college apartment furniture.
COLLEGE APARTMENT DECOR: 1. Create An Entry Way Recreate this college apartment decor idea:
Buy on Overstock
Creating an entry way is a great way to make your college apartment feel more inviting and homey. Find a cute sofa table and decorate it with baskets, lamps, plants, and a large mirror. 

You can decorate entry ways in so many ways for your college apartment so just find furniture and decor you like best and get to decorating!
2. Decorate With A Floor Length Mirror Recreate this college apartment decor idea:
Buy on Urban Outfitters
Mirrors are one of my favorite go-to decor items for college apartments. Every girl needs a good full sized mirror to look at their outfits in the night before, right?

Plus, placing a big mirror in your college apartment bedroom will make your room feel bigger and brighter!
3. Potted Plants And Poofs Recreate this college apartment decor idea:
Buy on Target
The number one thing I tell people to do when decorating is add plants, flowers, or some type of greenery. Greenery instantly transforms the room and adds a natural pop of color.

Even if you have a couch and extra chairs, poofs are great addition. They are the least expensive way to add extra seating for when friends come over, and make great footrests when laying on your couch.
4. Put Together A Makeup Vanity Recreate this college apartment decor idea:
Buy on Ikea
Most of the time bathroom lighting is the absolute worst when it comes to putting makeup on. Instead of sitting on your bathroom counter to get close enough to the mirror to apply mascara, create a makeup vanity using a desk and lighted mirror. Your makeup will be looking flawless from now on!

I also highly recommend the Alex drawers from Ikea. They store so much stuff and look super classy in bedrooms.
5. Easy To Access Decorative Cooking Station Recreate this college apartment decor idea:

Adding a utility rail to your kitchen is a great way to save cabinet space and create an easy to access cooking space in your apartment kitchen. Use hooks to hang your cute, frequently used pots and pans, a couple towels, chopping boards, and other small, cute decor. I absolutely love this simple but adorable college apartment kitchen decor idea.
6. Neutral Decor With Pops Of Color Recreate this college apartment decor idea:

If you like the look of neutral toned rooms but want to add a little color, consider adding colorful accents. The perfect way to do this is to buy neutral toned bedding, furniture, and large decor elements in your college bedroom but then adding colorful lamps, blankets, and pillows.
7. Create An Accent Wall With Peel And Stick Wallpaper Recreate this college apartment decor idea:

Peel and stick wallpaper is a renter friendly way to enhance your space without having to put in the effort of hanging up normal wallpaper, or paying the price of trying to take it down and repaint when you move out. Amazon, Target, and Etsy all have a ton of super cute peel and stick wallpaper options that are perfect for creating an accent wall or covering up ugly colored walls in your college apartment.
8. Decorate Your Walls With Simple Framed Prints Recreate this college apartment decor idea:

This is a super simple wall decor idea that you can totally DIY! Buy a few large frames that you like and then either print or draw out simple designs. You can do this by drawing it yourself on large paper, or printing photos out at your local Walgreens or Office Max/ Depot.

Also make sure to check thrift stores for large frames like this! You can often times find great frames that you can just repaint which will save you a ton of money.
9. Design A Gallery Wall With Retro Posters Recreate this college apartment decor idea:
Buy on Etsy Colorful retro decor is super popular among college students right now and this gallery wall is the perfect example! Create a Pinterest board and pin all your favorite pictures with the aesthetic you are going for, then have them printed on poster paper, and hang! Cute and easy college apartment decor that is totally customizable.
10. Add Throw Pillows And Boho Elements Recreate this college apartment decor idea:

You can never go wrong with adding throw pillows to your bed or couch. Amazon, Target, HomeGoods, and Society 6 are some of my favorite places to find cute, affordable throw pillows.
COLLEGE APARTMENT CLEANING ESSENTIALS: 1. Vacuum Cleaner If you have any carpet or are planning on putting a rug in your college apartment, you are going to need a full sized vacuum. You don't need to go out and buy anything special, but make sure you have a vacuum handy before you move in!
2. Broom And Dust Pan You will need a broom and dust pan if you are living in an apartment with any tile or hard wood. Again, nothing special here but make sure you have one around.
3. Swiffer Mop Swiffer Wet Jets are the easiest way to mop your floors without having to get a whole mop and bucket out. I actually prefer using this way over an ordinary mop. You can easily replace the cleaning pads and cleaner fluid which makes mopping so much easier. I used this on all my hardwoods in my college apartment!
WANT A FREE Apartment CLEANING guide? Simplify your apartment cleaning routine with our amazing FREE Apartment Cleaning Guide. Simply click the button below to get your Apartment Cleaning Guide delivered straight to your inbox!
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE! 4. Glass Cleaner Make sure to keep glass cleaner around to wipe down windows, mirrors, and other glass around your apartment; this is a cleaning essential everyone should have!
5. Multi Surface Cleaner Multi surface cleaners are the absolute best. You can use them to wipe down pretty much anything in your apartment. This one from Ms. Meyers smells so good too. 10/10 recommend.
6. Toilet Cleaner And Brush It is most likely your least favorite thing to do but it has to be done! Make sure you have toilet cleaner and a scrubbing brush to clean your toilet with. I initially forgot to buy a toilet brush and my toilet was driving my crazy until I finally got mine to clean with.
7. Shower Cleaner/Bleach I recommend having a shower/bath cleaner with some type of bleach in it. It can be easy for showers and baths to accumulate mildew and rust so the bleach will take care of that.
8. Sponges Don't forget to buy a pack of sponges to clean with! You will need these to wipe down counters, baths, and dishes!
9. Dish Soap And Dishwasher Pods In order to keep your kitchen clean you will need to have dish soap! This is another cleaning from Ms. Meyers that I love. If you have a dishwasher in your college apartment you will want to buy dish pods as well.
10. Laundry Cleaning Supplies Last but not least, you will need supplies to do your laundry with! The laundry cleaning essentials are laundry detergent, stain remover, and dryer sheets. I also recommend having bleach and fabric softener as well!
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