Many of the items in Ikea stores are a wonderful source of inspiration for lots of cool DIY projects

They can be combined, transformed and customized and the list of possibilities when it comes to these projects is basically infinite. It’s always fun and exciting to see what others came up with so we’re going to do that right now. Below you can find a bunch of cool Ikea hacks that stood out during our research. They’re really clever and we hope they can inspire you to try your hand at something similar.

Small pieces of furniture such as accent tables are quite easy to come by but if you want something unique and different from what everybody else has then building your own is a great idea. A cool idea that we found on deliciousanddiy is to take an Ikea basket such as this one and a mirror with a round frame and to combine them to make a cute and chic table.

Speaking of baskets, they’re very versatile and useful around the house even if you don’t repurpose them. If you already have an Ikea basket that you’re using for storage, consider giving it a makeover. It’s a nice and simple way to refresh your home’s decor. You can decorate the basket with tassels and shells to give them a boho-chic look similar to what we found on wonderwood.

With a little bit of inspiration and creativity, you can upgrade any piece of furniture, even a cat house. Give your pet a stylish place to hang out in the form of a simple Lurving cat house from Ikea and consider decorating and customizing it a little bit. You can give it stylish new legs and you can cover the top with wallpaper just to add a bit of color to the design. Check out hunker for more details.

A really cute thing that you can do with an Alseda stool from Ikea is to turn it into a little coffee table. The transformation only requires a few supplies such as a piece of plywood for the base, 4 table legs, washers and nuts as well as a saw, a drill and adhesive. Once you’re done you can add this lovely accent piece to your living room or take it out on the porch. For more details, head over to aliceandlois.

If you have one of these slender Hemnes shoe cabinets or something similar in your entryway, a nice and simple way to update it and make it look more homely is by giving it a new top and drawer pulls. A wooden board with a light and natural finish and a brown leather belt can make that happen. The idea comes from lavenderjulep.

Some transformations can be quite impressive, so much so that you can barely recognize the original elements that went into the project. For instance, before this became an awesome Lego table, it started off as a simple Trofast storage module from Ikea. It got casters on the base for mobility, Lego baseplates on the top, a fresh coat of paint and the detail that really sells it – wooden circles attached to the sides that make it look like a giant Lego brick. Check out thehandymansdaughter for additional info.

These cute baskets that you can find at Ikea look lovely as storage containers but can also be repurposed in various cool and interesting ways. A particularly beautiful idea which we found on hunker is to turn them into wall-mounted decorations that double as shelves for potted plants and other items. All you need to do is hang them up on a wall. You can even repurpose the lids into coasters or trivets so nothing gets wasted.

Even something as simple as an Ikea Hejne shelf can have multiple uses. We found a cool idea on hunker which reveals you can use this for storage not just horizontally but also vertically. By combining two of these shelves you can make a space-efficient and versatile shelving unit which you can hang up on a wall in your home office or the entryway. It’s great for storing and displaying all sorts of small items.

We love storage bins and boxes. They’re super useful around the house and you can even decorate and upgrade them to make them even more practical and good-looking. For example, by attaching four small hairpin legs to an Ikea Bullig box (or something similar) you can elevate it and turn it into a cute accent piece. Fill it with books, magazines, cat toys and whatever else you can think of. More details about this simple Ikea hack can be found on hunker.

Another easy transformation involves adding a leather pillow top to a simple wooden bench which you can get from Ikea. In this particular case the item used was the Stockholm bench and the pillow top was made from scratch. You can read all about this DIY project on dorseydesigns.

If you have an Ikea dresser but you find its look just a bit too simple, go ahead and give it a makeover. You can paint it a new color and add a few hardware accents to really spice up the design and to give it more character or make it better-suited for your decor and style. We suggest checking out homeyohmy if you’re in need of some inspiration.

This type of cart is quite common and very practical around the house. You can use it to store and organize veggies in your kitchen or keep it in the pantry and it has wheels so you can easily move it around as needed. If you want to you can also change its look a little bit. We came across a nice idea on xoxojackie which consists of painting the frame of the cart using metallic copper spray paint.

A small Ikea desk can be repurposed into a table for the entryway but before you do that consider making some changes to its design. How about painting it black with a glossy finish? You can also have the tips of the legs painted golden for an even more sophisticated look. That’s actually a transformation featured on stylemepretty.

This mirror cube was made from scratch out of six individual mirrors in the same size. They’re held together by L-shaped metal brackets, glue and tape which are all hidden inside. There’s no visible adhesive or hardware on the exterior or the cube and that gives it a super clean and sleek look. Once again, you can see here how much you can achieve with simple Ikea supplies and some creativity. For more details, head over to designoform.

A corkboard trivet is something you probably already have in the house and if not you can find some at Ikea and other stores. They’re useful in the kitchen but they can also be repurposed in lots of interesting ways. For example, this is a little bulletin board which you can hang on a wall and turn into a decoration for your home. If you want to find out how to make it, check out the tutorial on thehomesteady.

You could also potentially find lots of cool and interesting uses for various boxes, baskets and containers that you can get from Ikea and other stores. This right here is a Ypperlig box that’s been turned into a cute planter for faux succulents. This can be a lovely way to add some greenery to areas like the bathroom where there’s typically not a not light and not a lot of space either. More details can be found on idlehandsawake.

Small changes done to a piece of furniture can have a big impact on how that particular piece looks. That brings us an inspiring transformation featured on kristimurphy. This covers the makeover done to an Ikea sideboard using hairpin legs and thin brass strips. The sideboard ended up looking more modern, chic and eye-catching.

A lot of the furniture pieces and units you can find in Ikea stores are modular which means you don’t necessarily have to stick to the original plan and you can come up with your own way of rearranging them based on your needs. A great example here is the way in which this Besta TV wall unit was customized to fit this living room. Some of the modules were mounted onto the wall as intended but the others were raised by installing wooden legs on them. Check out tomfo for more details about the project.

Finding a chandelier or a light fixture that’s exactly what you were looking for in terms of size, style color, shape and so on can sometimes prove to be close to impossible, especially if you’re looking for something very specific. A solution in that case would be to put together your own light fixture using bits and pieces available in stores. Check out this cool Ikea hack chandelier featured on one-o and use it as a source of inspiration.

Another really nice idea for a home project comes from alwaysrooney. As you can see, this is a ladder which makes an excellent accessory for a cozy living room or a bedroom. You can use it store and hang all your blankets and you can craft it from scratch using Ikea supplies. The materials used here include three 1×2 6 ft pine boards, 3” wood screws and two pairs of Ikea Borghamn handles.

Mirrors are great accessories because they’re useful and they can also serve at cool decorations at the same time. Rather than trying to find a mirror that looks exactly the way you want it to, it can sometimes be easier to customize it yourself. There’s a nice tutorial on thethingsshemakes which you shows how you can transform a simple Stave mirror from Ikea into a stylish accent piece with using only lead trim tape.

This little organizer that you can hang on a wall is made with Ikea parts. You can use sections from a Mackapär shoe rack for this project, as described on kraftandcarat. Use spray paint to customize the organizer so it stands out or matches the room decor and use leather cord to create slots for notes, pictures and other things.

If you’re looking for a DIY project that’s fun but not too demanding or complicated, check out some Ikea product that you can potentially give a makeover to. A good example is this Sunnersta bar cart project that we found on musingsonmomentum. Using marble contact paper and gold spray paint this cart was turned into a very chic and stylish accessory that’s not only practical and convenient but also beautiful. 

In case your Ikea desk is looking too simple and monochrome, there’s a simple way to fix that using adhesive vinyl. You can apply to flat drawer fronts and add an accent color to your desk and you can also use multiple colors if you prefer diversity. In any case, be sure to check out this lovely makeover project from lovelyindeed before you get started.

Another really fun idea is to take an item or a piece of furniture and use it in a completely different way than expected. One of our favorite examples comes from diyinpdx. This is where we found this Ikea Moppe which is a mini chest of drawers but which were intended for storage but were used instead as plant drawers. It’s a very unexpected Ikea hack and also a very inspiring one.

Speaking of unexpected transformations, another cool idea that we came across was to repurpose an Ikea basket into a lampshade. It’s a very simple thing to do and it involves making a hole for the cord to go through and potentially also spray painting the basket if you want to change its color. You can find additional details about this particular project on jestcafe.

This wall organizer featured on xecamaria is, believe it or not, made from a repurposed bed base (the Sultan Lade from Ikea). It really is a very practical organizer for things like magazines, wrapping paper rolls, various tools and lots of other items and you can accessorize it with hanging baskets and hooks to make it even more convenient and versatile.

There’s something very appealing and beautiful about this hanging pendant light from sugarandcloth. It looks very simple, clean and casual and, as you probably expect, it’s something that you can put together yourself. The materials required include a metallic pendant light, an Ikea Ekby bracket, a drill, 2 screws and a light bulb. This works best with vintage-looking bulbs.

The Marius stool from Ikea may not look like much at first. It’s very simple and it’s also inexpensive but it also has lots of potential if you want to transform or to customize it. That brings us to a great Ikea hack that we found on burkatron. It combines this very basic metal stool with a slice of wood and the result is a very chic side table.

The Brunsta pendant lampshade from Ikea has a beautiful and modern design, almost like an abstract, geometric sculpture. You can obviously use it as intended but you can also take a different approach and turn it into a cool hanging planter like the one featured on horsesandheels. This is a really nice and ingenious way of adding greenery to a small space or decorating a room without relying on the same old techniques that everyone is familiar with.

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