Make Marie Kondo Proud With These Document Organizers

There have been studies that indicate that there may be some truth behind the expression “cluttered desk, clear mind.” And many of the most brilliant creatives in history had messy workspaces. But frankly, that approach just doesn’t work for everyone. If you have to spend fifteen minutes searching for a document, you’re certainly not helping your productivity. After all, one man’s organized chaos is another man’s just plain chaos. So if staying organized is important to you, or you’re looking to get organized, a good place to start is with a document organizer.

Even though you probably do most of your work at a computer, there’s a good chance you have some important documents lying around that you may need to reference or keep on hand. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best document organizers on Amazon. These include folders that are meant to be taken on the go, allowing you to keep your documents close by whether you’re commuting to work or you’re heading to a meeting. This list also includes a safe storage solution for your most important documents, plus a convenient organizer for your desk. These are the ones to get.