Looking for gift ideas and dollar store Cricut projects? Here are 12 great crafts you can make for cheap using dollar craft supplies!

Cutting machines like a Cricut Maker or Silhouette Cameo help you make the cutest gifts for almost no money at all. Dollar store Cricut projects are the best way to spruce up a unique, personalized present for only a few bucks. 

If you’ve never shopped at the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or another discount store for Cricut supplies, you are in for a treat! You can find so many Cricut-friendly items at the dollar store. They have tons of “blanks” (meaning items that are blank for personalization) as well as items that you can paint or adjust to create a canvas for your Cricut designs. The number of easy dollar store Cricut projects will amaze you!

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts under $5 or a great birthday present for cheap, a dollar store and your Cricut is all you need. The possibilities will blow you away! Today I’ve rounded up 12 of my favorite dollar store Cricut projects to inspire your crafting.

New to the Cricut? Wondering if it’s right for you? Check out my getting started with a Cricut tutorial first. 

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How to Find Great Items at the Dollar Store for Your Cricut Projects

Like shopping at a thrift store for Cricut project supplies, you have two options for shopping at the dollar store. The first option is to go in with a project loosely in mind and look for supplies that fit your specific project. The other option is to wander the aisles and wait for inspiration to hit. Unlike thrift stores, the inventory at dollar stores is consistent. Because there are certain items you will almost always find on hand at the dollar store (like picture frames and votive holders), having a loose idea of your project is often a good plan.

Here are some go-to dollar store Cricut supplies to pick up:

(Did you know you can shop at Dollar Tree online?! Same prices and you don’t even have to leave the house!)

craft supplies in general—paint, brushes, palettes, etc.
watch for vinyl and iron-on sheets (the quality is often not great, but some will do in a pinch)
wine glasses, mugs, tumblers, etc.
plates, bowls, and chargers
clear tape, duct tape, and packing tape
washi tape
pocket folders
contact paper
blank canvas
flexible cutting boards

mechanical pencils (can be fitted with needles and used to weed)
protective table covers
storage bins and containers
paper, including colored, scrapbooking, cardstock, and tracing paper
wrapping paper
felt sheets
foam sheets
wax paper, freezer paper, and tinfoil

Dollar store Cricut project supplies are often “off-brand” or lower quality than craft store supplies, but most will do in a pinch. It’s also important to consider what you plan to do with the supply. For example, you won’t handle framed artwork nearly as much as a tee shirt. A decorative plate may only go on display during the holidays, whereas a coffee mug may get daily use (making it worth the splurge on good quality heat-transfer vinyl to fancy-up that dollar store mug). 

Put on your creative thinking cap before you go to the dollar store. You’ll be surprised at what you can find to alter with spray paint, glue, or a little DIY effort. Cutting machines like a Cricut or Silhouette Cameo spruce up everyday items and turn them into amazing gifts and personalized mementos. You can upload your own designs to make something truly special. 

As you consider WHAT to make, look through these dollar store Cricut projects to help you find a fantastic and surprisingly affordable gift from supplies at the dollar store!

1. Personalized Mugs (from Practically Functional) 

How To Use Heat Transfer Vinyl On Mugs

Did you know you can use heat transfer vinyl on mugs?! Learn how to apply HTV to a ceramic mug so you can personalize and customize it however you'd like!

See the full project

Mugs make fantastic personalized gifts! They’re super simple and an excellent Cricut beginner project for those newer to cutting machines. For mugs, I recommend using durable, quality heat transfer vinyl. The cups shouldn’t go in the dishwasher, but they can certainly hold up to regular handwashing. I’ve used heat transfer vinyl on my onesies and Etsy store projects for a long time, but I fell in love after trying it on ceramic mugs. 

As for the mugs themselves, go for inexpensive blanks at the dollar store! You can often find big cappuccino mugs, classic white mugs, or delicate teacups. Look over each ceramic piece for chips or flaws, and wrap them carefully before putting them in your bag. Even at a buck apiece, you still want to get home with your mugs intact!

Don’t miss out on my other Cricut mug ideas:

Cold Outside Mug with Outdoor Vinyl
DIY Mini Mouse Mug

2. School Supply Organizer (from Practically Functional)

DIY Washi Tape Labels To Organize School Supplies

Learn how to make washi tape labels to organize just about anything! Put the labels on mason jars and use them to organize kids school supplies, artwork supplies, and homework supplies.

See the full project

Mason jars are another dollar store staple. You can often find cute glass jars and containers in the kitchen section, the craft section, and among the home goods. Look for vases, pots, cups, and other containers that could work for personalization.

I used simple mason jars and washi tape to personalize and pretty up some standard canning jars to organize pens, pencils, and school supplies. School supply organizers are a great dollar store Cricut project that looks terrific on a desk. These also make great gifts for teachers, coworkers, and bosses!

3. Holiday Ornaments (from By-Pink)

My First Christmas Ornament Cricut Project

Learn how to make a simple Christmas ornament for a baby’s first Christmas—this Christmas ornament would make an awesome Christmas gift and keepsake.

See the full project

Around the holidays, you can find great blanks at the dollar store! Look for classic Christmas balls as well as flat ceramic pieces that you could use for ornaments. You may also find unpainted wooden or cardboard ornaments for your projects.

When it comes to making holiday ornaments, the sky is the limit. You can decorate jingle bells, balls, or any shape you can find. I love these baby’s first Christmas ornaments from By-Pink. She used Cricut basswood, but you could easily use wooden blanks from the dollar store. From there, it’s all about the lettering, ribbon, and resin finish that you select to make it really special. Or you can make a baby’s first Christmas ornament by filling an empty ball ornament with their hospital bracelet and first little hat.

4. Organizers (from Practically Functional)

Make Personalized Storage Bins With A Cricut Joy

Make these cute personalized storage bins with a Cricut Joy and Smart Holographic Vinyl; they're perfect for organizing your mudroom or entryway, or organizing kids toys! (The screenshots in these instructions were made using the Cricut Design Space app on an iPhone.)

See the full project

Organizing containers abound at the dollar store. You’ll find bins, baskets, and buckets that you can customize with your Cricut to make them personal and even more functional. Label bins for your pantry, your car, your kids’ toys, and more.

Organizing bins and containers from the dollar store make great reusable gift containers too. If you’re going to give someone a basket of treats for their birthday or kitchen shower, why not make the container part of the present? Use die-cut lettering and images to make the container as special as the gift.

5. Disney Countdown Clock (from Practically Functional)

DIY Disney Countdown Blocks (Plus Cut File)

Are you planning a Disney trip? Count down the days to the magical adventure with this DIY Disney countdown clock—grab the SVG file in this tutorial and make your own countdown clock with your Cricut or Silhouette!

See the full project

Are you or someone you love looking forward to a Disney trip in the near future? Don’t miss this cute Disney countdown clock (the cut file is in the post). Make this cute block day counter with simple wooden blocks you find at the dollar store.

Look for plain wooden cubes, dice, or decorative wood pieces. Paint them solid white and then use them as the base for your countdown clock. This makes an adorable present for kids looking forward to the day when their Disney dreams come true.

5. Fabulous Watering Can (from Practically Functional)

Decorate A Watering Can With Adhesive Vinyl

Use adhesive vinyl to personalize and decorate a watering can—this simple project will add color to any boring watering can, and it only takes a few minutes!

See the full project

Call me “extra,” but I love the way simple vinyl designs can really jazz up everyday items. I took this watering can and added some happy flower designs of cute dahlias. It elevates a ho-hum item to something unique and gift-worthy!

Watch for watering cans, flower pots, and other containers at the dollar store. You can makeover practical housekeeping tools into gorgeous gifts that will make any recipient smile. If there’s someone on your list who’s tough to buy for (or who only likes sensible presents), this is an excellent Cricut dollar store project for their next birthday.

6. Jar Candles (from Practically Functional)

How To Make Silhouette Candle Jars

Make your own silhouette jars with mason jars, vinyl, and some spray paint! Add a candle to make a gorgeous flickering mason jar silhouette luminaries for any occasion!

See the full project

Another great way to elevate common mason jars, vases, and glass containers are to turn them into candle holders! I’ve made several candle projects, and they turn out great every time! I adore the way the candles cast shapes on the wall when lit—it’s so magical!

You can create jar candles for any season or occasion. I’ve made fall-themed candle holders with leaves, as well as snowy Christmas village jars, glittery valentine jars, and shamrock candle holders for St. Patrick’s day (made from upcycled beer bottles)! Watch for any glass containers and blanks at the dollar store and snatch them up! They make perfect dollar store Cricut projects. 

8. Door Hanger (from Daily DIY Life)

Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Fall Welcome Sign

This super fun buffalo check Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Fall Welcome Sign is the perfect quick craft for a chilly fall day.

See the full project

How about a change of pace from the typical wreath? These darling door hangers are made from dollar store pizza pans! I love this example of taking something mundane and turning it into something totally unexpected.

Pizza pans make the perfect base for a door hanger. With some vinyl letters, ribbon, and creative vision, you can create an exceptional wall hanging. Make one for any season, holiday, or just for fun. These would also make pretty gifts for Mother’s Day, Christmas, or a birthday. 

9. Custom Charger Plates (from Fields of Heather)

Painting & Decorating Dollar Tree Chargers

Chargers from the dollar store make great personalized decor—make one for each holiday and switch them out seasonally.

See the full project

Chargers are another excellent dollar store blank you can pick up. These are basically a fancy plate you tuck under your dinner plate for a pop of color. Chargers also make a great base for a cookie plate, a decorative wall hanging, or a dining room centerpiece. 

Look for chargers with a less-shiny finish for the best results, especially if you plan to paint the charger before adding lettering. Light colors with dark lettering or dark colors with light, bright lettering will look the best. I like all the different examples of dollar store Cricut projects in this charger tutorial. 

10. Mini Signs (from Burton Avenue)

Easy Mini Christmas Signs

I found the original mini signs at the dollar store and knew they just needed a little make-over to turn them into something cute for Christmas!

See the full project

How cute are these Christmas mini signs? This is a fantastic example of taking a decorative item from the dollar store and reinventing it for a great DIY Cricut project. You could make all sorts of mini signs for any occasion. 

These wooden blocks were initially little floral signs. Once the crafter removed the original design and covered the blocks in cute fabric, they became festive and fun. I love how even budget-friendly Cricut projects always look so polished and professional. You’d easily pay $15-20 for these at Target or Home Goods.

11. Makeup Brush Holder (from Ever Elegant Designz)

DIY Makeup Brush Holder

Create these gorgeous makeup brush holders! Easy and inexpensive to make—perfect gift idea.

See the full project

You might know a tween or preteen girl who is OBSESSED with all things unicorn. How cute are these DIY makeup brush holders? I think these would make a terrific gift. The designs are fun and fanciful, using glitter and vinyl for this DIY dollar store Cricut project. 

I recommend picking up some cute pens or fun makeup brushes to go along with these little holders. You could easily bundle it together for a cute gift for under $5. If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift for tween girls, the dollar store and Cricut have you covered. 

12. Coupon Organizer (from Practically Functional)

DIY Coupon Organizer With Dollar Store Supplies

Turn a small expandable file from the dollar store into a DIY coupon organizer in just a few minutes—great for organizing coupons, and small enough to take with you to the store!

See the full project

The dollar store often has office supplies. If you happen to see an expandable envelope or file organizer, definitely pick it up! You can use lettering from your Cricut to turn those expandable envelopes into a sweet coupon organizer. 

These organizers are so helpful when you’re rifling through your coupons at the store. I use these for storing receipts and important papers. If you need a gift for a friend, these are a super fit—especially if your friend is budget conscious and practical. I love presents that are usable in everyday life. 

I hope that you give some of these dollar store Cricut projects a shot. It’s amazing how some simple lettering and decoration can make inexpensive items special. Gifts from the dollar store can still be meaningful, useful, and personal. All it takes is a cutting machine and some creativity! 

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