How to improve storage space for your home

Storage space in your home is one of those aspects that many people overlook when making a purchase. Whether you have a growing family, have a tendency to keep adding to your closet, or like to be prepared with more supplies than you need, it’s easy too quickly fill up that closet that was once the ‘spare one.

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However, creating enough space to live clutter free in your home is critical for your physical and mental wellbeing. As they say, a tidy home creates a tidy mind, which allows you to feel more relaxed and less tense in your place of rest. 

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Struggling to know where to turn? Below, we’ll take a look at some of the top ways to improve storage space in your home. 

Use multi-purpose furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is one of the best options when you’re dealing with a smaller home. Not only is multi-purpose furniture easy to find at places like Ikea or Wayfair at affordable prices, it’s also incredibly versatile and will last you for a number of years.

One fine example of multi-purpose furniture is the Divan bed. If you need an extra bedroom or a guest room but also work from home, why not double up your home office as a spare bedroom with a Divan bed. It could look like an elegant bookcase by day and the perfect backdrop for your zoom calls, then a comfy abode by nightfall and the perfect place for guests. 

Other multi-purpose furniture includes day beds, foot stools that lift for extra storage, lift up beds with storage space underneath, a coffee table that extends into a desk, an armchair/ bed, or a coffee table that extends into a dining table. The possibilities are endless. 

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Add to your space

While extending your home can be a costly and time-consuming option, there are ways to add extra space without having to spend much of your budget. A garage kit is a great option for if you have the outdoor space to dedicate and the containers themselves are inexpensive and easy to install. 

Whether you’re looking for space to store your cars, somewhere to host the in-laws, or just a man cave where you can work out or host your tool collection, there are a variety of garage kits to choose from to suit your needs. 

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Go minimalist

Sometimes you just have to rip the band aid off and decide when enough stuff is enough. In our consumer society, it is so easy to keep collecting things, however by living more minimally, you will not only save money and be less stressed but also be helping the environment. 

A great way to de-clutter is to set aside anything that you haven’t used in the last 3 months. If you still haven’t used it in another 3 then it’s time to take it to Goodwill. 

Maximize the storage space you have

Many storage spaces in your home like a pantry or closet are often not designed in a way that optimizes storage. In order to optimize the space, try redesigning the shelving to better suit your needs. Places like Ikea offer excellent closet storage systems that can be tailored to your space and storage needs. 

Get inspiration from others

If you’re still struggling for storage ideas or organization inspiration, look for ideas on the likes of Pinterest. You never know, you could come across a solution you’ve been needing to discover. You could also take a walk around a local Ikea store to see how they’ve designed some of the rooms with small spaces in mind. 

Overall, having an organized home is critical for your physical and mental wellbeing. Follow the above tips to get started and you’ll be an expert organizer in no time. 

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