How I Organized My Makeup and Skincare Drawer

Makeup Drawer

Makeup Drawer

Spring is in the air and I’ve been trying to get a jump start on getting things organized around here. Starting with my bathroom makeup drawers — they are always the first to get messy.

Being a self-proclaimed beauty junky for the past 10 or so years comes with it’s perks, but organizing hasn’t always been my strong suit (if you saw my IG story of my beauty closet you know what I’m talking about). I’ve been determined to declutter and organize my bathroom drawers. And I finally came up with a system to keep my makeup and skincare products organized. I hope you can find it helpful too!

All of these organizers came from Amazon and were actually really affordable. Hot tip: use museum gel to keep the trays from sliding around your drawer (thank you TTD Fam private Facebook group for that amazing trick).

Since my job requires me to test and try different products, I wanted to create a space that would let me store everything without it looking cluttered. I was sick of digging my eyeliner out of the bottom my makeup bag or trying to find my favorite lipstick before running out the door. It’s always when you are running late that you can’t find what you need, right?

This system allowed me to lay everything out and let me actually see what I have so I use it. It also helped me get rid of the things I don’t reach for as much. You’re welcome, mom.

How do you organize your bathroom drawers? Spill your tips in the comments below! xx Ashley


1. Plastic Versatile Vanity Set: (2) 12-inch by 3-inch and (4) 9-inch by 3-inch trays

I used this variety pack for my eyeliners, mascaras and eyeshadow pans. I like that you can basically use these to create whatever system works best for you or fits your drawers. I would definitely use the use museum gel to keep them from sliding around if you aren’t using drawer liners.

2. Large Drawer Organizers3 compartments in multiple configurations or can be stacked for vertical storage — 12-inch by 6-inch size

This is the perfect size for palettes or larger makeup containers. 

3. Makeup Palette and Brush Holder: The 12-inch by 6-inch size is ideal for palettes, bottles and brushes 

The 5-compartment organizer was perfect for my sheet masks and skincare bottles. The different compartments allow me to separate my products by different needs or types.

4. 3 Piece Q-Tip Storage Set: I use these for my lipliners and lipsticks 

I ended up taking off the lid so I could have more flexibility in how I used these. You can see from my photos, they hold quite the assortment of lipliners and lipsticks. 

5. Plastic 6- Compartment Vanity Organizer: the 8-inch by 6-inch size provides space-saving organization for your desk or vanity. 

This one is smaller than the one I use for my sheet masks and skincare, but it’s the perfect size for foundations, lipsticks and primers. It would be great if you had smaller or more shallow drawers. 

6. Plastic Shoe Box for Washcloth Storage

I use a muslin cloth at night to get off my makeup (you can read why here) and I like to have washcloths for when I use masks or need a thicker towel. My dermatologist told me the best way to help prevent acne is changing your towels (and pillow case) often. Obviously, I can’t wash my pillowcase after every use, but I do wash it once a week and that has been making a big difference in my skin. By swapping out my normal hand towels for these small washcloths, I can easily rotate one after each use. 

7. Stoney Clover Glam Makeup Bag 

This is a good size to store products I’m currently testing or needing to shoot for content (did you know I test out beauty products for 2 weeks before sharing formal reviews?). Before, I used to keep things on my counter or in a box which often made my area feel cluttered. This was the perfect solution for me! 

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