Having Good Taste is Hard: Check Out This Beautiful $120 Desk Tray We Need For No Reason

If God’s real, we’re pissed at him for blessing us with good taste. Like, why can’t we be the cargo shorts kind of guys? The type of dude that never washes their face and still has good skin? The kind of boyfriend whose significant others shop for them because they don’t know how to? It would make things so much easier.

But, no. We’re the types who prioritize short shorts for men over with too many pockets, the kind of guys who splurge on the best face wash for our five-step routine and the kind of guy that sees a literal desk tray on the internet and thinks to themselves, “Man, I need that.”

Yeah, the editors at SPY have bought some dumb shit in the past, but never did we ever think we’d need a desk tray. Hell, none of us even knew what a desk tray was until our last pitch meeting. But, this $120 desk tray from Grovemade? It’s not a want. It’s an absolute need.

Buy: Grovemade Desk Tray $120.00

You might be thinking, because, we’re still thinking the same thing, “Why in the world would someone need a desk tray?”

Of course, no one really needs a desk tray. It’s more of a nice-to-have desk accessory, which is why it’s hard to justify the cost of this beautifully designed piece of office decor.

Still, we’ve compiled a list of reasons to pull the trigger on this purchase simply because it’s that good-looking. Ready?
For redundancy, it’s good-looking as hell It has the fact to keep your incredibly cluttered desk totally organized Okay, maybe not totally organized, but, like, somewhat organized There is room to keep the calculator we don’t have Pens! There is room for pens It’s really good-looking Room for the watch you solely keep on your wrist Did we mention it’s good-looking? It’s good-looking
This solid cork desk tray will itch the scratch in your brain you can’t get to by simply making your desk look and feel like it’s not the disaster you’ve made it into over the course of the pandemic. It is available in traditional light brown cork and a darker grey color that kind of mimics the street, so we do suggest the light brown if you’re making the purchase.

The Grovemade desk tray is 1″ tall x 12″ wide x 8.5″ deep in total, so you can easily store it on a desk shelf or under the raised part your desktop stands on if you have one. There are four “pockets” for keeping your individual items in and it’s perfect for those of you working from home indefinitely. Maybe even a solid gift for dad this Father’s Day? Who knows.

Buy: Grovemade Desk Tray $120.00

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