By now most of us have created some structure in our work in place lives

As we work in place it’s important to make our surroundings as comfortable as possible and perhaps it may make us even more productive. So let’s try to set up your work space to make it welcoming and even comforting.

Set a specific time that you work so you feel like you are actually going to work. Dress for work. Get in the mood, feel professional and put on something that feels like work but is also comfortable. If you are on Zoom or on other on-line meet-ups, make sure your look great from the waste up. Brush your hair, even blow dry it if you are heading into meetings and even a little make-up if it makes you feel better. Let others in your house know it is YOUR work time and to stay away. Keep healthy snacks around you and plenty of liquid to sip on so you don’t have to jump up and run to the fridge. This will keep your waste-line in tact. Ideas For Your Workplace: Here’s Some Useful Home Office Picks To Surround Yourself.
Say goodbye to your clutter and mess on your desk with this amazing desk organizer. Whether using it for desk decor or storing away your office supplies, this is the perfect high end touch to any office space.

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Stay organized and on top of things with this desk calendar that is perfect for scheduling, organizing or even just jotting down some quick daily reminders!

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A beautiful decorative candle to light up your work space and bring good energy at the same time.

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The coffee warmer designed to keep your beverage at constant temperature is the must have addition to your home office.

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This small, easy to move and adorable cool mist humidifier does not make a sound and is perfect for the home office! You won’t be disturbed during working hours with this long working humidifier.

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With a simple, elegant design, the perfect way to add some color and liven up your work space is with this indoor plant decor. Your desk will instantly feel updated and clean!

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Every great work space has a bluetooth speaker. Whether you’re tuning in to your favorite morning podcast or like to work with some background music on, this soundbox desk speaker is perfect for you.

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We all love to snack while we work, so why not do in style? These adorable maison jars are perfect for labeling and storing your favorite candies or nuts to have right on your desk!

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It’s never a bad idea to have a great makeup mirror at your desk especially when you’re about to hop on a zoom call or video conference! You’ll look and feel confident when having this in handy!

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A desk accessory set is a great way to store all of your office supplies and have a neat and designated spot for all your belongings to go. Jazz it up with your favorite color and your work space will look and feel fabulous!

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