8 Products Thatll Help You Be More Productive at Work

Get Comfortable

The ultimate status symbol at The Wing, a womens social club and co-working space in New York, isnt a pair of Gucci loafers or even an iPhone X, writes Sierra Tishgart forNew York Magazine. Its an ergonomic laptop stand. Whats so great about it? This portable stand raises your laptop to eye level, a height that helps to relieve strain on your neck and alleviate back and shoulder pain, keeping you in good shape to get your work done.

Roost Laptop Stand, $75 USD, therooststand.com

Learn How to Prioritize Tasks

In Essentialism, author Greg McKeown explains the best tip for being more productiveprioritize the most essential tasks first. Learn about why you should focus on getting not more things done but the right things done and how to say no to dealing with issues that are less important.

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, $30, indigo.ca

(Also, check out the ways to train your brain for success.)

Utilize the Health Benefits of Plants

Adding greenery to your workspace can improve your performance. A Harvard study found those who worked in green-certified offices had a 26 percent boost in cognition compared to those who worked in non-green offices. Our plant pick? A snake plant, as its said to have the ability to remove harmful toxins and provide a defense against airborne allergies.

Editor Planter MD, $18, vdevmaison.com

Zone Out

Have a loud talker in the office? Apples new AirPods Pro feature Active Noise Cancellation to remove background noise. Use them while listening to music or a podcast to completely drown out the chatty Cathy/Calvin. Or use them as earplugs to quiet their voice so you can concentrate.

AirPods Pro, $329, apple.ca

(Speaking of listening to music, did you know tunes can help improve your workout performance?)


A recent study shows a work environment and its tidiness can influence a workers performance. Use an organizer, like this lime mesh version, to help sort the papers covering your desk to declutter and get organized.

3-Tier Mesh Desk Organizer, $19, honeycando.com

(Also, you may want to keep these snacks in your desk drawer, so your concentration doesnt falter when hunger pangs strike.)

Highlight Your Goals for Each Day

Use this weekly task pad to write down the three most important tasks you need to complete each day. How do you decide which tasks are the most important? Do like tech entrepreneur and Dragons Den investor Michele Romanow: I prioritize things that only I can do (not tasks that I can delegate) and tasks that have the potential to really move the needle on my business, she told us. I start with the hardest taskonce youve started with something hard, everything else feels easier.

Need Supply Premium Stock Desktop Notepad, $18 USD, needsupply.com

Boost Your Brain

Citrine is a type of quartz that is said to attract prosperity and success, stimulate the brain, encourage creativity and enhance concentration. Add one to your workspace, or cover your desk with them, for a woo-woo antidote to a lack of motivation.

EarthstreasureFinds Citrine Crystal, $32, etsy.ca

(New to crystals? Heres a beginners guide.)

Power Your Brain

Research shows when we havent consumed enough water, we have a harder time staying focused. Keeping a water filter on your desk acts as a reminder to stay hydrated while making it convenient to do so.(Heres what else happens to your body when you get enough water.)

Soma 6-Cup Water Filter Pitcher, $50, amazon.ca

Make It Personal

Your productivity at work may depend on the productivity of others. How do you get them to complete the work? One of the most effective ways is by adding a sticky note to your request, a study found. A handwritten note on a sticky offers a personal touch and gives the impression that youre asking for a favourwhich can entice the recipient to complete it sooner than later. Use this colourful sticky note set, which is sure to capture their attention.

Sticky Note Set Assorted, $10 USD, bando.com

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