7 Clever Ways To Organize A Desk Without Drawers

Looking for some simple ways to organize a desk without drawers? Then, you’re going to love this list of clever tips to declutter your home work surface.

7 Clever Ways To Organize A Desk Without Drawers

Having a desk without drawers will result in a cluttered workspace if you don’t have storage solutions available. But, don’t worry because there are a few simple ways you can get organized just by using the space you have closeby.

Below, I’m going to share a list of tips and tricks you need to try to organize all your office supplies. These handy solutions will make your workspace look and function so much better.

How To Organize A Desk Without Drawers

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1. Use A Monitor Stand

A monitor stand allows you to raise your computer screen up off the top of your desk. This gives you plenty of extra space to store stuff underneath neatly e.g. notebooks, a laptop, your keyboard etc.

You can purchase a monitor stand — some styles even have drawers underneath the riser. This is the perfect place to store small items like pens and sticky note pads.

If you’re handy, then build your own using this DIY tutorial.

2. Utilize Vertical Space

If your desk has no drawers and is near to a wall, take advantage of that space. Add shelves, hooks, cabinets or even a simple hanging organizer with various cubbies. These organizing solutions will give you plenty of storage space for all of your needs.

You can also install a hanging bar at the side of the desk. Either add a tension rod between the legs of the desk or attach a rod with hooks. Use this bar to hang containers filled with pens, headphones or other supplies.

Another alternative is to attach hooks or storage containers directly to the outside of the desk legs themselves. I’ve done this with my own desk at home using Command Hooks and hang my longer rulers that don’t fit anywhere else.

Paper tray on desk without drawers

3. Use Trays And Desktop Organizers

I love using trays to corral smaller items. Having a bunch of random things scattered across a surface can look very cluttered and untidy. Place those same items on a tray and you instantly transform that mess into something a little more refined.

Use desktop organizers that have separate slots for stationery. There are endless options to choose from so think about what you need to store and find one, or more, that suits your needs. A paper tray is also great for organizing paper clutter if you have lots of that at home.

4. Add A Separate Storage Cabinet

If you have the room for it, a storage cabinet offers an enormous amount of extra storage space. These are great for tucking away items that you may not want on display all the time or things that you don’t reach for frequently.

If you do have prettier items that you’d like to see, a glass-front cabinet will be a good option for you.

Use a filing cabinet if you have lots of paper you need to keep or check out these other paper storage ideas.

Wayfair has some absolutely amazing options of storage cabinets for you to choose from and they ship straight to your door for FREE!

5. Install A Keyboard Tray

The key to organizing a desk without drawers is to utilize wasted space. The underside of the desk is another surface that could be put to good use.

If you’re using a desktop computer with a separate keyboard, then think about installing a keyboard tray.

Cables and cords to be organized

6. Curb Cable Clutter

With all the technology we use these days, cables can get a little out of control. You might have cords for your computer, cell phone, external hard drive, headphones, a lamp and more.

Try one of these desk cable management ideas to control the cords on your desk so they’re less of an eyesore.

7. Keep A Trash Can Close

Minimizing clutter is even more important when using a desk with no drawers. This includes trash.

Have a bin close to your work area so you can quickly and easily discard of anything you no longer need — pens that don’t work, old notes etc.

These seven ways to organize a desk without drawers are very simple but effective. In addition to implementing some or even all of them, try following a simple daily cleaning routine. It’s going to keep your desk organized and looking its best.

As you work, put things back where they belong once you no longer need an item. At the end of the day, tidy up your desk space and get rid of any trash.

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