25 Cool Designs That Reimagine Everyday Furniture Pieces

Looking at cool designs and new and intriguing techniques that are used when building furniture and other things is always a great time. There are some really insane products out there and we cant wait to share some of the ideas with you. theyre very inspiring even if not always in a very direct way.

Talk is a really cool chair with an unusual design. It has a very simple and clean look. The upholstered seat is circular and extends all the way down to the floor forming a cylinder. The wooden frame built around it incorporates four different-sized rods attached at the top to a curved backrest. Whats really fun and cool is that you can place two or more chairs side by side with the backrests facing opposite directions and theyll link up.

This giant birds nest looks spectacular and is in fact a bed that you can actually use. Naturally, its big and the fact that its also round doesnt really make it any more versatile. Its definitely a statement piece. It was designed by Merav Salush Eitan and Gaston Zahr from OGE Group and has a frame decorated with pinewood sections that create a woven pattern, with giant egg-shaped pillows of different colors inside. Can you even imagine sitting inside this thing?

This is the Illusion table. Its name is very suggestive, as you can clearly see. The table comes in four color options: clear (the one featured here), ice, gold and silver. It looks as if theres an invisible table underneath it and this is actually the tablecloth that covers it.

There are plenty of very artistic pieces of furniture out there and this is one of them. This chair was designed by Pawel Grunert and doesnt really look like any other chair weve seen before. Its made from stainless steel and wicker, it measures 80 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm and weighs 10 kg. These specifications alone suggest a rather unusual design but nothing can really prepare you for the actual look of this piece.

Were not really sure what to call this piece. Its a very simple-looking bookcase with a chair-shaped outline in it. However, thats not just an aesthetic detail. Its an actual chair that you can pull out and use. We find this design to be incredibly clever, cool and space-efficient. It was created by architect Sou Fujimoto.

The Moon lamp a very minimalist and very sophisticated-looking piece. Its sleek and contemporary design turn it into a very stylish focal point for similarly sophisticated decors. It uses an LED strip embedded into the arch-shaped brushed steel structure. The base is made of maple wood.

The Sunflower Chair is an odd piece of furniture. It looks intriguing especially through the fact that its a hybrid, a combination between an armchair and a bookcase. It has an entire array of book storage slots around the seat which form the frame. It doesnt look particularly comfortable and its practical nature is questionable as well but just look how cool it seems. This was designed by He Mu and Zhang Qian from Shanghai University of Engineering Science.

These are Being lamps. Each one is unique. Its made of scrap wood and each log is special and differs from all the others not just in size but also in shape and overall appearance. The more you look at the lamp the more abstract and meaningful its design becomes, with numerous different interpretations revealing their meaning. Regardless of which one you choose, one thing is clear: this is a very cool lamp.

On the same note, check out the Brot lamp designed by Benditas Studio. Its not just any other lamp. In fact, its not only a lamp but also a planter. When you turn it on it provides lighting to all the small plants growing inside and these become a part of its design.

Shelves are incredibly versatile and very customization so its not really a surprise that there are some really cool designs out there. One that stands out is this piece designed by Soheil Yousefi. Its a set of shelves that gradually get shorter towards the bottom, making it look as if they disappear into the wall behind them.

Cool designs also come at a larger scale. This for example is a concept for a self-sufficient home created by Philips Design. The idea behind the Microbial Home, this being the name of the project, is that waste product from one area of the house is processed and converted into energy which is used to power another area, creating a cyclical ecosystem.

The Plantable was designed by studio JAILmake. Its a table with a slender metal frame with four legs that double as trestles. The idea is that climbing plants grow in the pots and then extend through the frame. Eventually it looks as if the plants are supporting the solid oak top.

Everybody loves swings regardless of age and its a real shame that we dont really get in contact with them as often once we grow up. But it doesnt have to be like that. Sela is a swing that you can install in your home. It has a really design with a comfortable leather seat and carbon steel and brass props. The braided leather rope is a stylish little detail as well.

Arent these stools just quirky.or should we say corky? They really do look like theyre oversized versions of the cork and wire cap on sparkling wine bottles. The Bouchon stools have a modern design with frames made of metal and seats made of cork. Theyre lightweight, comfortable and recyclable.

Hybrid furniture pieces are generally very cool. This right here is the Grow Up Light-Bench designed by Kwon Jae Min. Its a combination between a bench and a lamp and looks really interesting. Its all made from solid ash wood and the type of piece that would look amazing in a hallway but also in all sorts of other contexts.

Room dividers arent usually the topic of conversation but that only applies to those with common and ordinary designs. The Eva partition is an exception. Its made using a variety of unusual materials including gold-tinted mirrors and gold-plated brass. Its design has an eye-catching geometry. This is one room divider that wont go unnoticed no matter where you place it.

Cabinets and storage units can be interesting too. One particularly cool piece that we find interesting is the Juglans chest of drawers. It has a very sculptural and angular design that really plays with your perception. Opening each drawer is a unique experience in this case. The unit was designed by Rafe Mullarkey for Larkbeck.

The next cool design that we want to share with you today is related to a very cute sofa. Its called the Dog house Sofa and the name says it all. Its a piece of furniture designed for pet owners which allows both the owner and the pets to sit comfortably, each in their own special seat. It was designed by Seungji Mun and it really is super cool and inspiring.

If youre looking for a chair that looks like an abstract piece of art, this one would be a very good option. Its called the Exploded Chair and its made of several separate parts houses inside individual compartments. They move around and they make it look as if the chair has exploded and is frozen in time.

Weve seen plenty of cool designs for living room furniture pieces and other similar things but not that many that could fit in a bathroom. Thats where the Map washbasin comes into play. This is a handmade, wall-mounted washbasin build out of concrete. When you fill it with water it looks like a miniature lake and its not any less cool when its empty either.

The Swing Table can turn the dining area into a playground. It does that by replacing the typical dining chairs with swings. Its a really cool and interesting concept and definitely the type of furniture piece that you would look amazing in contemporary home. It would even be cool to have this at the office and use it as a conference table. That would make team meetings so much better.

Depending on how you use it, this can either be a desk or a wall-mounted console. The Ghostwriter manages to do that thanks to a very cool and modern design. The front panel of the console can fold down and become a work surface, also revealing a series of hidden shelves and storage compartments inside for electronics, cables and other such things. Theres even a built-in LED strip.

The Timeless chair also has an unusual and intriguing design. It features a steel frame that wraps around the entire thing and forms a continuous and fluid outline. The cantilevered seat is upholstered and available in a variety of different colors. The chair looks very slender and gracious and the fact that theres no distinction between all the different components turns it into a really cool piece.

Theres also one more interesting desk that wed like to share with you. Its called the High Table and its designed by EhoEho Studio. Everything looks quite conventional except of course for the vertical storage module which is seamlessly embedded into the piece. Its positioned off center slightly to the left and can be used as a magazine rack or as a storage ad organizer for books, devices and other such things.

The Y-loung chair (shown here with its matching ottoman) is a minimalist piece of furniture with an unusual design. It plays with various different angles and makes use of clean, geometric shapes and lines to stand out from other similar pieces. You can get it in a variety of wood types including oak, walnut and teak.

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