11 Awesome Desk Calendars for 2020, From Funny to Functional

Despite what feels like a zillion mobile apps to help you organize your day and keep track of your calendars, there’s nothing quite like having a convenient desk calendar right at your fingertips. Plus, who wouldn’t want a 2020 desk calendar that packs a punch of personality, brightening each passing day?

We’ve rounded up the top regular desk calendars, flip calendars for your desk, and of course, comical desk calendars that will keep you turning the pages just to see what each new day brings.

Read on to see our favorite desk calendars for 2020.


1. Bob Ross: A Happy Little Day-to-Day 2020 Calendar

It’s possible for Bob Ross to brighten your day, every day, with one of these quirky Bob Ross desk calendars. Each page features a peaceful Bob Ross landscape, and you might even be able to spot a few of his original quotes throughout the calendar. Paintbrush and squirell not included.

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Buy: Bob Ross: A Happy Little Day-to-Day 2020 Calendar $7.99


2. AT-A-GLANCE 2020 Desk Calendar

Keeping it simple? Take the minimalist approach and go with a classic desk calendar. Whether you need it for your office desk or just to keep tabs on the daily happenings at home, there’s really nothing you won’t be able to record and access easily with this calendar.

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Buy: AT-A-GLANCE 2020 Desk Calendar, Desk Pad, 21-3/4" x 17", Standard, Ruled Blocks (SK2400) $7.99


3. Dilbert 2020 Day-to-Day Calendar

Perfect for just about any office, this comic-based Dilbert 2020 desk calendar will bring forward all of the workplace dry humor one could ever wish for, with every page flip.

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Buy: Dilbert 2020 Day-to-Day Calendar $7.99


4. 365 Days of Dad Jokes 

If you love dad jokes (and who doesn’t?), then this is one of the best desk calendars you’ll ever find. Filled with 365 pun-believable dad jokes, this desk calendar is sure to bring you 12 months of joy.

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Buy: 2020 Dad Jokes Boxed Calendar: 365 Days of Punbelievable Jokes $4.99


5. You Had One Job! Day-to-Day 2020 Desk Calendar  

This seriously entertaining desk calendar will keep your eyes peeled with each new day. Each page features a hysterical fail that all goes back to the same idea: You had one job, Karen!

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Buy: You Had One Job 2020 Day-to-Day Calendar $7.99


6. You Are A Badass 2020 Desk Calendar

Based on the book You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, this desk calendar includes money-making inspo and of course, motivational messages that will inspire you to kick each new day in the butt.

Image courtesy of AmazonBuy: You Are a Badass 2020 Day-to-Day Calendar $19.90


7. Blueline 2020 Doodle Plan Desk Calendar

This unique desk calendar is perfect for the creative who can’t stand to go a day without splashing a little color around their desk. This desk calendar features beautiful ready-to-color designs that are perfect to work on in the midst of a conference call. 

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Buy: Blueline 2020 DoodlePlan Monthly Coloring Desk Pad Calendar, January - December, Botanica Designs, 22 x 17 Inches (C2917311-20) $16.59


8. Gone for a Run 2020 Daily Desk Calendar

If you’re the type who keeps a pair of running sneakers on your feet, or under your desk, this daily desk calendar will be perfect for you. This daily calendar not only includes running quotes and inspo, but each new day offers space for you to jot down your own daily running notes, too,

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Buy: 2020 Runner's Daily Desk Calendar by Gone For a Run | Daily Running Quotes and Inspiration $17.99


9. The Argyle Sweater 2020 Desk Calendar

Famous Scott Hilburn comic, The Argyle Sweater, is ingenious as a desk calendar. Simple bits of daily humor will help each day swim by. Each new day provides plenty of entertainment since this desk calendar features bonus content on the back of every page.

Buy: The Argyle Sweater 2020 Day-to-Day Calendar $7.99


10. Stobok Stand-Up 2020 Desk Calendar

This minimalist desk calendar stands up, so even when your desk starts to get cluttered you’ll always be able to easily glance at the date. While this isn’t the most ideal calendar to keep special notes or reminders in, it’s still a compact calendar that will tell you the date whenever you need to rattle it off quickly.

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Buy: STOBOK 2020-2021 Desk Calendar Stand Up Desktop Year Calendar Organizer Flip Daily Scheduler Monthly Pages Easel Calendar (Black) $8.99


11. 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said Daily Desk Calendar

This hilarious desk calendar will have your coworkers paying your cubicle frequent visits just to check out what the latest “stupidest thing” is. With close to five million copies sold, this page-a-day calendar will leave you in stitches before lunchtime.

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Buy: 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said Page-A-Day Calendar 2020 $7.47


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