10 Essential Cleaning Checklist Items for Spring | DIY Projects

Coming up with a cleaning checklist? There's no better time to do it than spring! Read on for the DIY projects you need on your checklist!

Cleaning Checklist Items for a Fresh Start This Spring

When starting anew, they don't use the phrase ‘clean slate' for nothing. As a matter of fact, when you're a DIYer, you tend to take this phrase quite literally—which is always a great thing! There's no better feeling than getting a fresh start without the unnecessary waste and mess in our lives! So, as Mother Nature gives the cue for starting over, be armed and ready with your personal cleaning checklist! Here are the ten crucial items you must include on your list.

Checklist | 10 Essential Cleaning Checklist Items for Spring | DIY Projects


1. Coffee Cup Holder

At the top of my cleaning checklist is this ingenious coffee cup holder! Just attach to your wall some spray-painted wooden dowels stylishly glued together, and voila! Your mornings are clutter-free!


2. Jewelry Organizer


Who knew a vintage cigar box would make a great jewelry organizer? Folding some burlap inside the boxes is all it takes to finish this easy and simple DIY project. An organizing hack for your everyday necessities definitely belongs on your cleaning checklist!


3. Leather and Wood Shelf

Assemble the iron pipe shelves|DIY Project: How to Make Iron Pipe Shelves

Would it really be a cleaning checklist without a good DIY shelf? The name of this shelf basically explains how it's done: two boards of reclaimed wood drilled to the wall, fastened by vintage leather. It's perfect for displaying newfound items for spring!


Get ready for #Spring2017 with a beautiful but easy DIY clock! #DIYProjects #DIYReady https://t.co/XMXm7x4DD0 pic.twitter.com/bNrVLdW4aK

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4. Desk Organizer

Using a birdcage as a desk organizer? Who would've thought! The key to this DIY organizer is spray paint and wooden dowel rods! The best part is: this organizer is portable!


5. Hidden Storage

As much as we understand spring is a season of renewal, we tend to keep some old stuff from the past. If you don't want them displayed in your home, then this hidden storage should be on your cleaning checklist! Just glue together a couple of unused book spines, and you've got a secret hiding place.


6. Ladder Display

Ladders aren't just for construction work anymore. They can now be used for organizing your stuff into a stylish and fashionable display. Just take this ladder display for example. Could you think of an easier way to declutter your space?


7. Pegboard Wall Organizer


This has got to be my favorite on this cleaning checklist! I'm excited to welcome spring because I have this amazing pegboard wall organizer. Just by drilling some wooden dowels onto a chosen size of plywood, you'll have an organizer for all kinds of stuff! Truly an investment not just for spring, but for an entire year of organizing!


8. Spice Jar Storage

Spring is also the season to try new recipes. For delicious and mouth-watering meals, you need fresh herbs and spices stored in this lovely spice jar storage! Can you believe all it takes is twisting a couple of wires and drilling nails on the wall? A must-try DIY project!


9. Custom Cork Board

As we welcome spring, thoughts, events, and memories must be organized too! Get a couple of cork boards and paint them any way you want. I suggest painting your custom cork board in such a way that it grabs your attention every day.


10. Scarf Hanger

image via DIY Projects

If you're like me who can't stand articles of clothing lying around the house, this scarf hanger is the first thing you should make this spring. It doesn't even take much time: simply use some pliers to shape a line of wire into a hanger. Use a stretch of leather for embellishment.
Watch this video from kikomoda for more DIY items you can add to your cleaning checklist:


I'm sure going through this list has given you enough time to think about what needs to go and what needs to stay in your life. Don't think of cleaning as getting rid of stuff you might miss or need in the future. Cleaning is about one principle: keeping what's essential and important. The same could be said about life. Why waste time and energy on things which don't matter? And if there's any time to remind us of the value of a cleaning, it's spring. So welcome it with these amazing DIY projects on your cleaning checklist!


Which of these cleaning checklist items do you need the most right now? Let us know in the comments below!
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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in April 2014 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.