Shark Activities the Kids are Absolutely Going to Love

Summer is the perfect time for these shark activities! Incorporate them into your preschool ocean theme or just set them up as you see fit.

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Whether you have students who are enamored with sharks, or you and your family really get into Shark Week, you have to admit they are just fascinating animals.

Capitalize on that interest some of these fun shark ideas.

25 Shark Activities for Kids

Of course, you don’t really have to wait until the summer for all of this shark fun! Try them out any time of the year.

I’ve broken up the ideas into a few categories – sensory, art/crafts, math/literacy, and more learning. Oh, and I made sure to find a few snacks to enjoy when you’re exploring sharks!

This way you can find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to your own shark theme.

Shark Week Sensory Fun

Let’s start the shark activities with some sensory play inspiration.

Make a shark sensory bottle so the kids can say they’ve got a shark for a pet!

This simple ocean sensory bin can be made with just sharks. Take a peek:

Help the children make their own shark tank sensory bag. (Left Brain Craft Brain)

Encourage the kids to help you assemble a shark bay sensory bin. (Taming Little Monsters)

Create and play with shark foam slime. (Natural Beach Living)

Shark Art and Crafts

Now we need some crafty shark activities for the kids!

Make paper plate shark jaws with the children. (Dollar Store Crafts)

Let the kids use their feet to make some footprint sharks. (Glued to My Crafts)

Help the children create their own shark suncatchers to put in the window. (Buggy and Buddy)

Grab some materials from the recycling bin for this newspaper shark craft. (I Heart Crafty Things)

Work with the kids to make a shark fin hat for them to wear. (Glue Sticks and Gumdrops)

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Literacy and Math Shark Activities

Don’t forget the math and literacy when planning your shark-themed fun.

Read some interesting shark week books for kids. (3 Boys and a Dog)

Play a feed the shark alphabet game with kids who are learning their letters. (Toddler Approved)

Let the kids get into some shark water bead letter or number play. (Living Montessori Now)

Explore math with this feed the shark play dough geometry idea. (Left Brain Right Brain)

Make your own feed the shark counting game for some shark-filled math fun. (Rainy Day Mum)

Even More Shark Learning Activities

Here are a few more interesting and educational shark ideas for the kids.

Grab some free shark printables and Montessori-inspired activities to use with the children. (Living Montessori Now)

You can also find some shark unit free printables here too. (Every Star is Different)

Challenge the kids to find out how sharks float in the water. (JDaniel4’s Mom)

Learn how to build a Lego shark with the kids. (Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls)

Delve into learning about shark senses. (A Little Pinch of Perfect)

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Shark Snacks

We can’t forget the snacks do go along with all of the shark activities, can we?

Make some sweet and simple shark popsicles. (All for the Boys)

Nibble on this shark tooth snack during a break from all the shark fun. (Extremely Good Parenting)

If you’re feeling ambitious, try your hand at a shark watermelon. (She Knows)

Have the kids help make some shark snack cups to eat. (Mommy’s Fabulous Finds)

Put together shark bite ice cream sundaes with the kids. (Food Network)

Shark Videos for Kids

I thought a few kid-friendly videos would be perfect to include here too!

They might help answer some questions the children have about sharks.

The Wild Kratts learn about sharks:

Super Sharks! from SciShow Kids:

Shark Dive from What Sam Sees:

Well, I feel ready for Shark Week! What about you? The question is . . . which of these shark activities are you going to try first?

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