Seattle’s Best Podcasts for Parents (& One for Kids)

Are you really even a parent if you haven’t questioned your abilities multiple times a day during the pandemic? Whether you’re looking for answers to tough parenting questions, amusing stories that are totally relatable or you simply need a new listen for your daily walks, these Seattle podcasters can help. Listen up!

photo: courtesy Amy Lang

Amy Lang’s Just Say This!

For over 25 years, Seattle mom Amy Lang has been walking parents through The Talk (birds, bees and all) and the awkward questions that come with it. Now this sexual health counselor and educator is taking her knowledge to the airwaves with Just Say This!. Each Q&A style episode features parents sharing funny stories and asking tough questions, followed by Lang walking them through the answers with sincerity, humor and a focus on building healthy relationships. Tune in to find out how to deal with those unavoidable parenting moments that make you go “hmmm.”

Good to know: Parents can submit question or share funny stories that may be featured on the show by leaving a message at 206-926-1522.

Can’t-miss episode: Because terminology can be tricky, check out this episode that makes things clear.

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photo: Danielle Barnum

3D Parent Podcast

3D Parent Podcast host, Beaven Walters, is passionate about supporting parents, and her focus on the three D’s—dignity, direction and deep connection—is key to her approach. Podcast episodes deal with the stuff of everyday parenting, like managing morning mayhem and figuring out how to have kids apologize and truly mean it. You’ll also find a few Q&A episodes that feel like a sit down sesh with a good friend. Throughout, Walters approaches each topic with the eye of an expert (she’s a certified parenting coach, mom of four and spent a decade teaching), doling out tools that are easily understood and implemented. And at around 30 minutes an episode, finding the time to tune in is a totally doable.

Can’t-miss episode: It’s hard to pick just one, so here are three. "Making Sense of Childhood Aggression" is the popular parent choice. But Walters’ fave, "Cultivating a Deep Connection with Our Children", and her producer’s fave, "How to Handle Your Child’s Lies" should also be on your listening list.

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photo: courtesy Jo Langford


If you think “Badoo” and “Lipsi” are nonsense words, and monkeys are only found in the zoo, we’ve got the podcast you need. Because finding time to learn about the social media apps and platforms kids use is a full time job, there’s Seattle dad, Jo Langford’s APPropriate. In each episode, Langford, a master’s level therapist and sex educator, distills the need-to-know details surrounding nebulous social media apps, so parents can keep kids safe and responsible in the digital age. You’ll find the information you’ve been looking for in each brief (think 10-20 minute) show.

Can’t-miss episode: Because your kid are on it 24/7 during the pandemic, give the TikTok episode a listen. Add to your list, the two part series about YouTube (Part 1 & Part 2) Langford is especially proud of.

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photo: courtesy Seattle Public Library

Thrilling Tales

When was the last time someone read you a story? Now you can sit back and let someone else do the storytelling for a change, thanks to the Seattle Public Library’s new podcast, Thrilling Tales. Because hosting this (usually live at the library) story time for grown-ups isn’t possible right now, David Wright, Reader Services Librarian at the Central Branch, will sit down weekly to read short stories that will thrill, excite and move listeners each time they tune in. Kick off the season with This World is Taboo, an eight-part Sci-Fi pulp serial by Murray Leinster. 

Can’t-miss episode: The World is Taboo, Chapter 1 will get you hooked.

Listen online at SPL.

Parent Talks Podcast

If you’re looking for expert advice on screen time, chores or enticing picky eaters, Encompass’s Parent Talks Podcast can give you insight and peace of mind too. This non-profit helps families across the Snoqualmie Valley and the Eastside thrive by providing early learning, pediatric therapy and family enrichment programs. To date, Encompass has recorded 15 episodes that often pair parents, who share experiences and parenting questions, with experts, who work to answer them. The short, supportive episodes make this resource a treasure trove of helpful tips for local parents.

Can’t-miss episode: Because the world is changing quickly and family routines are out the door, "Understanding Childhood Anxiety," Parts 1 & 2 tops the listen list.

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photo: courtesy The Adventuring Sisters

The Adventuring Sisters

If you like “fun interviews to help you learn and discover new things and inspire you to follow your dreams,” the Adventuring Sisters Podcast is made for you. What started out as a father/daughter project in 2014 (inspired by the Maker Dad book), has grown into a local phenom. On each episode the Adventuring Sisters, Ellie (10), Carly (7) and Jo (4) interview people they’d like to meet, like Mayor Durkin, Jaycie Johnson of OL Reign fame and Chef John Armstrong, a creator of the amazing gingerbread houses featured at JDRF’s Gingerbread Village. The girls also take listeners on engaging tours to local hot spots like the Space Needle, MoPOP and the zoo. The thoughtful questions the girls craft (yep, they come up with them on their own, with a little help from dad), and the time they take to prepare, make this an inspiring podcast kids of all ages will enjoy.

Can’t-miss episode: The episode featuring Lindsey Stirling is something to look forward to (it should drop soon). While you wait, check out the interview with Seattle Storm’s Jordin Canada, recorded in honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

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—Allison Sutcliffe


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