Magic Treasure Rocks

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Wow kids of all ages and make magic treasure rocks!

What could be more fun than FIZZING Rocks with treasures hidden inside?  Rosie was seriously in awe over this play time!  Making these magical rocks is easy, and the activity has elements of science, art, and sensory play.  Read on for the easy tutorial.
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How to Make Magic Treasure Rocks for Kids

  • Begin by adding 2-3 cups of baking soda to a large bowl or container, using one bowl for each color of treasure rocks that you wish to make.
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  • Add several drops of food coloring to each bowl.
  • Then, slowly begin to add water and mix, slowly adding more water and mixing until the desired consistency is reached.
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  • You want the mixture to be damp and mold-able but not too wet.
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Making Magic Treasure Rocks

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  • You can also make treasure rocks in varying shapes using a silicone mold.  Just be sure to pack the slots tightly.
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  • Allow "the rocks to" dry for roughly 24 hours.
  • Then, play can begin! 

Magic Treasure Rock Play

Once dry you can give the treasure rocks right to your child, OR you can bury them outside so that they can go on a treasure hunt
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    • How fun is that?!  
    • Once kids have found the rocks it is time to free the treasures!  Drop the magic rocks into a bowl of vinegar, and they are sure to be amazed!
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    To make this activity last even longer you can use squirt bottles of vinegar to free the treasures.  No matter how they do it kids are sure to have a blast as the rocks bubble and the treasures are freed!

    Extend the Fun
    • It is easy to add too much water when making this recipe, so be sure to add it slowly.  If you do accidentally add too much water just add a touch more baking soda and mix.
    • Kids can also use a hammer and mallet to free the treasures from the rocks.  The rocks break open very easily.  
    • Pirate treasure can be purchased on Amazon here.
    • Treasure rocks also make great bath bombs 
    • bath bomb mold can be purchased online here.
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