20 Pool Noodle Learning Activities for Kids

Pool noodles are great for summer play and learning. They are inexpensive, versatile, lightweight and bright colored, making them the perfect craft supply and learning manipulative for kids activities. Explore these creative pool noodle learning activities to discover how many hands on activities you can create with pool noodles this summer!

Which pool noodle game will you try first?

Here are 20 of our favorite pool noodle learning activities for kids!

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Marble Run Pool Noodle Water Slide
by Mama Papa Bubba

Explore ramps with this fun pool noodle slide.  Change the height and length of the noodles to see how it affects the speed of the marble! Encourage children to record their data in a science journal!

Quiet Blocks for Indoor Play
by I can teach my child

For a few dollars, you can make a basket filled with open ended play possibilities. Try this activity, sit back, and watch your child create.

Star Wars Sight Word Game
by Playdough to Playto

Light saber your way to a better reader with this interactive pool noodle game.

Sight Word Boat Races

Alphabetical Order Beading
By The Educators’ Spin On It

Make and bead a set of pool noodle ABC beads in order.

Name Activity with Pool Noodles
by Early Learning Ideas

Use a simple pool noodle to make fun name activities for kids. This is a great hands-on way to help kids recognize and spell their names. 

Pool Noodle Alphabet Basket
by The Educators’ Spin On It

Learn the letter names and sounds with these ABC manipulatives. Step by step directions and activity suggestions included.

Pool Noodle Rocket Flinger
by Frugal Fun for Boys

Make and launch this fun pool noodle finger rocket.  Easy to follow step by step directions.

Engineering Pool Noodle Airplanes
by J Daniel 4’s Mom

Design, make, and test your latest pool noodle airplane creation. Experiment with a variety of wing shape, tails and nose cones to maximize flying time.

Pool Noodle Addition Facts
by J Daniel 4’s Mom

Find sums of 10 with this interactive pool noodle math game.

Caterpillar Counting
by I can teach my child.

Make a set of number noodle beads and string them together in numerical order! Step by step directions included.

Base 10 Math Game
by The Educators’ Spin On It

Learn how to represent big numbers with this base 10 math game.

Pool Noodle Jellyfish
by Mama Miss

Create an underwater scene as part of your ocean unit with these adorable pool noodle jellyfish.

Pool Noodle Sight Word Towers
by The Educators’ Spin On It

Build your way to a better reader with this hands-on build a word activity.

Big Fine Motor Practice for Little Hands
by i can teach my child

Encourage your toddler to practice threading large pool noodle beads with this fine motor activity.

Back to School Pencil Craft
by Lalymom

Make this giant pencil to celebrate back-to-school.

Pool Noodle Tennis Game
by Ziggity Room

These pool noodle racquets are perfect for summer game time or an outdoor party activity. Save those little mesh bags to get started!

DIY Fraction Introduction
by A Few Shortcuts

Give this DIY fraction introduction with pool noodles a try. The different colors gives a great visual for little ones as they work through the concept of fractions.

Pool Noodle Patterns
by Pocket of Preschool

Just a plastic tub filled with some water and cut up pool noodles. Your child can stack the pool noodles in various patterns and they the pattern towers even float!

BackYard Abacus
by Happy Hooligans

Wow! What a fun idea! Use pool noodles to make a backyard abacus. I really like how this abacus uses different colors for easy use!

15 Pool Noodles Activities for Kids

Pool Noodle Games for Kids

Pool Noodle Games are one of the quickest ways to put together a learning activity for your child. They are colorful and perfect for outdoor learning in the pool with water or in the backyard.

We can’t wait to see which pool noodle learning activities you make and play with your child.

Which pool noodle ideas will you try first?

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